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Thomas L. Peterson, Esq.

Attorney at Law
BurgherGray LLP

Tom has represented numerous Fortune 500 companies, including Toshiba Corporation, Scientific-Atlanta, Georgia-Pacific, Nike, Campbell Soup Company, and Bell Atlantic (now Verizon). Over the years, he has also counseled many small and start-up companies from formation through funding, launch, and operations.

He has also participated in many panel discussions before law and business groups related to intellectual property.


  • 10:00am Pacific
  • 12:00pm Central
  • 1:00pm Eastern

As we forge ahead with running and building our businesses it’s easy to forget about the legal risks and ramifications of our work.  Should we trademark our services? What’s a copyright and do we need one? Could we be sued? Understanding intellectual property (IP) law is not easy and let’s be real, good legal advice is not cheap.  Thanks to our amazing community of business owners, we found a great legal eagle, Tom Peterson, who can help us make sense of this topic.

Tom has been in private law practice for more than 30 years with a primary focus in intellectual property: patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secret causes.  In addition to advising clients, he has taught at Northern Virginia Community College, the George Mason University School of Law, and the Howard University School of Law.  With a background like this, Tom is the perfect person to speak to the IP needs of solo and small business owners. 

Please join us on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, at 12p CT for our third Guru Talk of 2021.    Get ready to take a ton of notes and be one of the first on our live chat to ask Tom your intellectual property questions.  Although this session does NOT substitute for legal counsel, it will help you understand when it’s the right time to work with a lawyer.   


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